Flashed Liquid ICS v1.5 MR3 and new OTA radios

I’ve been running Liquid ICS v1.5 MR2.7 beta since my return from Japan in early September, mostly because it was the first semi-polished Ice Cream Sandwich rom for the Thunderbolt. I like the rom a lot but the constant data drops and lack of a working camera held it back. MR3 dropped shortly after I flashed back then, but I’ve been too lazy to update. Well, I updated today and also installed the OTA radios from the official HTC ICS rom. So far the camera works (yay!!!) and it seems like the data connection is more stable. Unfortunately, trying to switch to the front camera permanently breaks the built-in camera app. I have also learned that my factory battery is dying. Lately I’ve been getting random resets (no surprise there) but the phone has been powering back on with a nearly dead battery. I thought it was a fluke, but no, the battery really is going south so I ordered another from Amazon.