Aftermarket Lenovo Z570 Laptop Battery

As I just enrolled in Grad School at UMBC, I wanted a second battery for my Lenovo Z570 laptop. I purchased the Z570 (the Z580 is the newer version) this time last year and so far I’m happy with it. The build quality is great...Read More »

EFI Analytics' Shadow Logger MS

As the weather warms up, I’ve been starting to drive the ’85 Turbo E30 more. In the “old” days, it was necessary to drag a laptop around to log the MegaSquirt ECU, but thanks to Phil Tobin’s Shadow Logger MS app...Read More »

HTC Thunderbolt battery update

I ordered this replacement battery from Amazon advertised to fit the MyTouch 4G, which is basically the same phone as the Thunderbolt. It was advertised as an OEM battery, but it was so cheap I suspected it to be a clone; boy was I surprised when it arrived the next...Read More »

Flashed Liquid ICS v1.5 MR3 and new OTA radios

I’ve been running Liquid ICS v1.5 MR2.7 beta since my return from Japan in early September, mostly because it was the first semi-polished Ice Cream Sandwich rom for the Thunderbolt. I like the rom a lot but the constant data drops and lack of a working camera held it back....Read More »