• Ned Sparrow

    Dear R J, I live in Towson area. Got a 96 BMW towed out to Westminster that needs new heads; have ’em there with the car and wonder if you recommend a local mechanic to replace. Thanx. Ned at nedsparrowbooks.com

    • RJ


      Good luck with your BMW! What model is it? I’ve only used a BMW mechanic in Westminster once, but I had a good experience with him and I’ve heard good things about him from other people too. His shop is “International Foreign Car Service, Inc” on 223 East Green Street, Westminster, MD 21157 and he goes by the name of Icq (“Ick”). Give him a call at 410-876-7030. His full name is Icqubal Moledina. Sometimes they have a bit of a backlog, but they do good work at an honest price. Again, best of luck!