MovieStuff Workprinter XP Syncmouse

The Workprinter is a rather rudimentary machine. As one of Roger’s earlier efforts, it is clearly handbuilt and what I would call “DIY” quality. One of the harder parts in constructing a frame-by-frame telecine is detecting when a frame is fully displayed and then being able to successfully signal the capture device to grab the frame; Roger accomplished this by making a lobed disc that triggers a mechanical switch during each frame. This switch then outputs to an RCA jack on the front of the unit which would have originally been attached to a device he dubbed the “syncmouse.” The syncmouse would simply “click” the left mouse each time the switch was triggered inside the projector/telecine, allowing the button inside CineCap to be pressed each time a new frame is displayed. Unfortunately, the syncmouse was long gone by the time I acquired this Workprinter and so I must construct a new one.


My syncmouse is simply an old Compaq branded Logitech PS/2 mouse. I pulled it apart and, with the aid of a multimeter, determined how the left mouse button was wired. I then soldered an RCA jack to the responsible pins so that the Workprinter can signal the mouse click. This is an exploring electronics (beginner) level project.



With the newly made syncmouse, the capture card, 5DmkIII as a suitable capture device, CineCap, a fast computer, and the Workprinter all in-hand, it is time to begin capturing footage!



MovieStuff Workprinter XP 8mm Telecine Test Run

I just graduated with my master’s degree and now have a little more time to work on the telecine project. This update is going to be a little different as it is using a different telecine/projector than before. I was browsing eBay to look for a good deal on a MovieStuff Retro-8 and ran across an old Workprinter XP – I believe one of the first made by Roger as this one is hand modified and still uses the halogen bulb with a transformer. It arrived without the “sync-mouse,” which is just a mouse that has the left mouse button wired to an RCA plug so that each time a frame advances in the telecine, it “clicks” the mouse the button, but was otherwise complete. I’ve noticed a few things already – I’m on the right track with the other projector, mechanical switches are not a reliability concern, and the Workprinter is surprisingly “DIY” quality. With the addition of my 5D3, I can now use that camera to output clean 1080P images to a capture card. This is how the Workprinter XP was intended to be used, albeit with a “normal” video camera and an older capture card. As a test, I decided to film some test 8mm film with the telecine running at 6 fps & the 5D3 running at 24 fps. I sped the film speed up by 300% in post. You will notice frame smearing and other artifacts in this video because it is not a proper frame-by-frame transfer. However, it does demonstrate a decent transfer can be accomplished with the Workprinter, 5D3, and a capture card. I am now debating the continuation of my telecine project or if I should just use the Workprinter – I may remove the optics to increase the transfer quality.

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus Review

A friend told me about this wheel cleaner from Sonax that turns red as it interacts with brake dust, so I decided to get some. Rather than go with the regular Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect, I opted for the “plus” version which is 30% stronger. Let me tell you, this wheel cleaner is nothing short of amazing! Let’s try it on my incredibly dirty front wheels – this car was not washed at all throughout this very nasty winter and BMW brake pads are notorious for depositing huge amounts of sticky, black brake dust over the wheels in days. You can also see the missing roundel after the winter.

This was the starting point and it was far worse than what the picture looks like – this picture was taken after I sprayed down the wheel to knock surface dirt off, then I let it dry for this review.


Sonax time!


I sprayed the Sonax on and watched it begin to turn a dark reddish/purple.

sprayAfter a few minutes, I manually agitated the Sonax using a brush.

agitateThen I sprayed it off.


This wheel was nasty and one application wasn’t enough. I probably didn’t wait long enough after the agitation step either. However, the wheel looks much, much better than it did! I followed up with a manual clean; the little remaining dirt (with the exception of some deep crud that was actually there from last year) came off with ease.


Check out how it cleaned around the valve stem & the hidden areas around the lug nuts.I wasn’t able to get to these areas by hand!


And the car looking sharp after the first, quick wash of the season.



Up next – new wheel roundels (logos) and headlight lenses! The winter was hard on the car this year 🙁


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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Unboxing Video

I ordered a brand spanking new Canon EOS 5D Mark III from B&H Photo in NYC to supplement my original 5D that has been a total workhorse. Enjoy the video where you can see exactly how it was packed by B&H and a quick comparison to the 5D Classic. I’ll record a video on the Kershaw 1555TI Cryo SpeedSafe Folding Knife shortly – it’s one of my favorite new toys and doesn’t break the bank either!

New Hosting!

2950I have some exciting news! This blog, along with my other sites, have moved to new hosting on a dedicated server. I have also upgraded WordPress to the latest release and will be rolling out https soon. This should result in a significant improvement in both speed and security. Finally, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while – I’ll be making it a priority to post updates and I certainly have some cool stuff to share!