Workprinter XP Base Dimensions

Per request, here are the dimensions for the base of the Workprinter XP. This is drawn as though you were looking down on the workprinter from the top. The base measures 7 13/16″ x 23 13/16″ if my handwriting is unclear.

Additionally, there are three wood screws that hold the prism to the base. I measured these to be approximately 1″ long. Three spacers go between the base and the prism assembly; these spacers are 0.375″ thick (tall) and .605″ in diameter. Two spacers hold the projector above the base. These spacers are simply 1″ PVC couplers – ~1″ in diameter and 1.671″ tall.

Cheap Luggage Scale

It’s been a while since I last posted. I wanted to mention another one of my favorite products today because it has proven to be useful and popular within my family, and it’s cheap!

The Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale provides an easy, portable solution to weighing luggage. I personally used this device to weigh my luggage for WOW Airlines and other European airlines; my parents borrow it for when they vacation, and my brother recently used it to verify he was under the weight limit for American Airlines before leaving for China (he was initially 2 pounds over the checked baggage limit. A small change saved him from a $100 overage fee!).

Accuracy appears to be quite good for such a cheap device. I used both free weights and a bathroom scale in an attempt to verify the Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale’s accuracy. The free weights measured within 1/10th of a pound each time and the bathroom scale, which I imagine is less accurate, also provided assurance that the scale was indeed correct.

Armed with the luggage scale, it is now possible to pack your bags to the brim and forget about costly overage fees!